Tuesday, April 12, 2011

never a dull moment.

When Landon was one he fell off our bed and busted open the bottom of his chin. Being new parents we rushed him to the ER for three stitches. I cried more than Landon. The nurse laughed and said "Oh honey, he's okay and he's a boy...I'm sure you'll be back to see us again." And she was right. Times four. Last week was ER trip #4 for our boys. The trip for Landon's anaphylactic reaction to a cashew was definitely the scariest, but this one ranks right up there.

Landon slammed his thumb in Matt's truck door.
And cut off part of his thumb.
And his mommy freaked out. Big time.

I'm not sure if God was trying to toughen me up when he gave me two boys. It's not working. Momma can't handle severed fingers. I've told Matt to never, ever again greet me with the words "Landon's thumb is in this bag." immediately followed by "You need to calm down." Seriously? Almost any other way to break the news to me would have been better.

Landon is healing pretty well. He ended up cutting off most of his nail to the tip of his finger. They said it should "fill in" eventually. He told me he was happy it was his left thumb and not his "tough thumb."

Several people have asked me how Reid handled it. He screamed and screamed the entire way to the ER. Was he scared? Sad for Landon? Upset Mommy was crying? Nope....his beloved blankie had been dropped in the mud and was dirty. He was just plain pissed. Now it's funny, at the time it was not.

Just because it's cute...Landon drew a picture of him and I fishing in a sailboat.
It makes me happy.


  1. I am thinking maybe a padded room would be best for Landon. Keep him nice and safe! This Grandma just can not handle these medical issues! So wish it was me with the sore thumb. He has been quite a trooper and is handling it better than the rest of us! :o) Hopefully Reidy will be in great shape now with Grandma's extra blanket. Thank goodness for a spare! Sure do love those two boys. Hang in there Carrie, hopefully they are done with these trips to the emergency room and it will be smooth sailing from now on..... You are a great Mom. Love you!

  2. I laugh out loud as I'm reading this, because I can totally relate! We've never been to the ER, yet... but I know it'll happen some day! Hope Landon is recovering well, that you have had time to process his missing finger nail and that Reid's "lovie" has been restored to it's clean self!

  3. Well Mandy, with two boys it seems the ER might just be inevitable at some point! :-) Landon's doing pretty well. He's missing a fairly good size chunk of his thumb, so I'm sure it will take a while. Whatever will we do with these boys?!