Saturday, February 5, 2011

crazy love.

I have good news. I have been keeping one of my new years goals almost perfectly these past two weeks, staying home. In fact, I have been keeping this goal so well that a trip to get groceries yesterday felt like a vacation, I was even excited to put my make up on and I changed out of my black-wear-every-day yoga pants and actually put on pants that was a big day! Now the bad news, I have been staying home because the flu has found us. I thought we were going to escape, but it tracked us down and has been camping out in our living room.

So, I have spent nearly a week in the chair holding either a two or five year old and a puke bucket within reach. To keep busy while sitting in said chair holding a sleeping boy, I have been working my way through the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It is actually my second time checking this book out from the library, but the first time I'm actually finding time to read it. I rarely find a book that I love enough to own, but I have already decided I will be purchasing this book and I'm only halfway done. In short, it's about God's love for us and the love God wants us to have for Him.

While putting Reid to bed tonight, I was reading through chapter six and saw 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 printed, Matt and my wedding verse. I know it, I skimmed through it. Then the next sentence "those words have grown tired and overly familiar, haven't they?" Oops, I was busted. The book went on to encourage me to reread the passage replacing the word "love" with my name. So I did. The verse didn't sound so familiar then. 

"Carrie is patient and kind; she does not envy or boast; Carrie is not arrogant or rude. Carrie does not insist on having her own way; Carrie is not irritable or resentful; she does not rejoice at wrongdoings, but rejoices in truth."

Talk about a harsh look in the mirror. Have I been patient and kind every time I've cleaned puke up off the rug, floor, blankets, clothes, chair, or couch this last week? No. Was I envious of Matt sitting on the couch with his feet up (due to a sprained ankle) when I was caring for a child with a fever? Yes. The list could go on.

So tomorrow I'm going to try.
Be a little more patient.
Take a deep breath.
Speak more kindly.
Think positive and remember that I've been surrounded by love these past weeks.
Sick, puky, stinky, feverish, cranky, whiny love.
Crazy love.