Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Chaos

With our last Christmas celebration last night, I think today is the day to de-Christmas our home. There were fewer decorations up this year due to a certain four year old and a certain two year old...and a certain 30 year old who think playing Nerf guns and football in the house is necessary. Last year a lamb from my nativity scene lost a leg amongst the chaos, so this year my Willow Tree nativity stayed packaged up in exchange for a Little People set the boys were free to play with and I didn't have to worry about any amputations. Fewer decorations means less clean up time I suppose.

It seems that each Christmas brings more fun as the boys understand more and get more excited about the celebration. In anticipation of Santa, Landon was planning a sneak attack to spy on him and Reid's plan of action was to hide under Daddy's blanket until he was gone. Landon was excited to pick out the best cookies, make chocolate milk and set out treats for the reindeer. He knew exactly what they would like to eat...oatmeal and carrots covered in sprinkles.

Of course Santa is not the reason we celebrate Christmas and this year was the first year the boys really seemed to understand that it was Jesus' birthday. Many arguments ensued between Landon and Reid about how old Jesus was going to be. Landon was sure it was 70 and Reid's positive he is five.

As much as we were anticipating the Christmas season, it came and went all too quickly. We saw many family and friends and are blessed to be able to celebrate with so many of them. My boys were "blessed" with my toys again this year. I'm still not sure where they will all live in our home. Landon's favorite seems to be a Leapster Explorer and Reid's loving playing with his new Mack truck and Lightning McQueen cars.

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and will have a wonderful 2011!


  1. I get so excited when I see that you've posted a new blog story! They are so much fun to read and hit home for me so much! (Glad to hear no Willow Tree animals were harmed this year!)

  2. Thanks! I have good intentions to be able to update more often...fingers crossed. Hope you and your boys had a wonderful Christmas!