Thursday, September 9, 2010


Our little school boy started preschool last week and is loving it! He is in the afternoon class and thinks it's pretty cool that he gets to go have fun while the little kids have to lay down for a nap. His favorite part of the whole day is the school bus ride. We had to hurry home from dentists appointments last week so he could get on the bus, he did NOT want me to drive him to school. He knows most of the kids in his class and is learning the names of his new friends quickly.

Most days when I ask him what he did during the day he sighs and says "I don't know, Mom. Just stuff." I thought I wouldn't face the annoyed response for a few more years! If I ask him "What was your favorite part of preschool today?" I can usually get a little better response, usually "playing outside." Reid is quickly taking after his big brother; I asked him about daycare several days ago and his response was a groan followed by "Don't wanna talk 'bout it." Haha! He's heard that before!

Reid and I have been enjoying our time together in the afternoons. We have had very little one on one time since he was born and it's fun to see him by himself. He talks a lot more and has his own ideas when Landon's not around to follow! We went to the library together the other day and it was fun putting puzzles together and reading some books there. He is always very ready to go pick up his big brother though!

Now for the first day of school pics. He was a tad excited if you can't tell! I have to admit it was a little hard to see him climb on the bus. For years now I've told him he gets to ride the bus when he's a big kid. But this time when he turned and said "can I get on?" my first thought was "it will be your turn when you're older, honey." But not this time, it was there for him now! He still looks forward to going everyday.