Thursday, March 11, 2010

random musings

Tonight officially marks the start of Spring Break for the boys and I. Matt has one more day. I think Landon is the most excite one of all because it means ten stay home days! Yay! I have a few blog posts in the cooker, but today is just a few random musings from the boys that made us chuckle.

Our mornings are generally quite hectic. Lunches to make, kiddos to dress, bags to pack, juice cups to fill, etc. Yesterday, Landon made us all stop and laugh though. After getting dressed, he headed to the bathroom. He came stumbling out getting his pants buttoned back up and said "Hey Dad, I just saw something new when I was going to the bathroom!" He wouldn't elaborate, but I can only imagine what he "discovered."

The other night when Matt was working late, the boys and I enjoyed an evening reading our new library books and playing Batman. The boys helped me get their supper all ready and set their little table. As we sat down to eat, Reid sat down by me and grabbed my hand. He held it for a moment, which I thought was so sweet. He then proceeded to spit an entire mouthful of apples into my hand. Gee, thanks sweet child. So much for holding hands.

My boys are definitely brothers. Reid has began rubbing his hair when he falls asleep, something Landon has done since he was a baby. Reid has also began to assume that the fly of jeans is a "pocket". Landon also tried to store tiny treasures in that little "pocket" when he was Reid's age. Birds of a feather flock together.

Last night was a sweet moment. I tucked the boys in bed, read them a new story from the "Jesus book" and a chapter from "Charlotte's Web". After the lamp went out, they snuggled together, Landon made sure Reid had his bunky and then Landon covered himself with his bunky and they were both asleep within minutes. (Never happens!!) They looked so precious cuddled up sleeping together laying there with full tummies, scrubbed faces and soft pj's....and....they both slept through the night! What a good night.

Well, hows that for a completely random post. Hopefully will get the next ones finished up soon!