Sunday, February 21, 2010

holy birthday, batman

Sorry for the hiatus; life gets in the way sometimes. We've been sick...all of us, for weeks now. (Hello, Spring...are you there?!). We're also in the process of renovating our bedroom, which is still, ahem, not done yet. Patience is a virtue, right?! Anyways, we celebrated Landon's 4th birthday at the end of January and had a great time!

The birthday boy.

Matt did some of the party shopping this year. His method? "I didn't want to go down any aisles so I grabbed everything off end caps to save time." Umm..hon, you're strange, but the cups are really cool!

We made Landon wait until the morning of his birthday to open his gift from Matt, Reid and I. He plays daily with his Batcave!

I really hate to leave you with this picture, but I think the only thing to say is...they look like their dad.