Friday, December 18, 2009

done, done and almost done

We're done! Yay! Matt took his final last night and I finished up my last class on Wednesday night. Such a good feeling to be done for a little while. Next up...student teaching starting in January. Should be quite an experience!

We're also getting close to being all ready for Christmas. Tree is up. Gifts are wrapped and under tree. I think the gifts are tempting Matt more than the boys! The boys are ready for Santa to stop by and talk of the big guy have Landon sleeping in his own bed more than he has in a year! Santa's helper, Elfie, sits on the shelf in the boys' room making sure he stays in his own bed and reports to Santa, who writes Landon an email several times a week telling him to keep it up! I think Santa may be a year-round man in our home if he has this much pull! Now on to the tree trimming pictures...