Monday, September 21, 2009

e for effort?

On somber September 11, a post was wrote on one of my favorite blogs (Young House Love) about emergency preparedness. Have you thought about how you would fare in an emergency? I hadn't thought much about it...but I think it's time that I should.

1. First things first...water. At least three gallons per person in the household (don't forget pets!) We have one Bug Juice in the fridge that we could all fight over I guess. Better put some bottled jugs on my shopping list! 

2. At least three days worth of non-perishable food. I think we would be fine here, as long as no one was picky...which means we likely wouldn't be fine. Anyone know of a non-perishable brand of chicken nuggets? Then we'd be golden.

3. At least five days of pet food for your favorite, furry friend. I guess we get a point here because we do generally keep at least half a bag on hand for our dear Penelope. 

4. Battery-powered radio. Ummm....nope, guess I shouldn't rely on cell reception and iPods for too long!

5. Flashlights and candles. We're good on the flashlight batteries and all. No back-ups on hand, minus one point. :-( Although we have plenty of candles and I know where the matches are! Yeah, plus one! 

6. First-Aid Kit. We don't necessarily have it all together in a kit, but our medicine cabinet is busting at the seams with various supplies. 

I'd say our score isn't so great...definitely room for improvement! I think this list is very bare bones when you think about it. Add babies to the household and a whole other list could be generated. Diapers, wipes, ready to pour formula, baby food, etc. 

How about you? Did you pass the test?

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  1. Thanks for the info! I would not be prepared! Like you, we'd be sharing a bottle of Bug Juice too!